February 2011

Hi Colleen

I bought my wedding dress from you back in August last year.

At the time I was very nervous that I would be able to find a dress in my size. On the day that I came into the store with my mum (who you also dressed) you were extremely helpful and listened to exactly what I wanted.

You chose the same dress that I chose and it ended up being the perfect fit.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your assistance and to let you know that I will always recommend your store. I would also like to say that your staff are fantastic, many times during the organising of my wedding I called to check that the dress was on its way, something that I know you probably get all the time, never once was I made to feel like an annoyance and every time I got off the phone I did so with a smile on my face.

I have attached a photo of myself and my new husband, the dress was PERFECT!!

Thanks again
Samantha Lim aka Sam Olding